Webinar: The end of monoliths? A guide to backend architecture in 2020

You can’t build a stable backend without solid architecture. And without proper backend, you can’t develop a good application. But what does stable backend mean? How to keep up with all the architectural trends in an ever-changing, fast-paced reality of the modern development? 📈

Is monolithic architecture already dead? Should you or your team focus on practicing the use of microservices? Is following the trends a good approach or should you rather lean on some thoroughly tested solutions? 🤔

During our upcoming webinar, Adam Polak – Head of Node.js Team at The Software House, will guide you through the current backend architecture trends and solutions, indicating the most important (but not always obvious) issues that you should pay attention to. Here’s the excerpt from the extensive agenda:

  • analysis of some important elements of backend: architecture, infrastructure, environment, communication;
  • monolithic architecture – still a good idea?
  • modular monolith vs microservices;
  • why the most of the services is still monolithic-based?
  • what were the most significant changes in the architecture in the last few years?
  • REST API, BFF, GraphQL and the communication;
  • what does a stable backend mean in 2020?

Subjects discussed during our event will be 100% based on real-life cases and experiences. Also, Adam will answer your questions during a Q&A session after the webinar. The whole event will last for approximately an hour.

Adam Polak

Full-stack developer with 7 years of experience in PHP and 5 years of Node.js developing. The head of the Node.js development team at The Software House. Passionate about East Asia, lover of Japanese food.